Graves Golf Certified Instructor Program – FAQs

What is different about the Graves Golf Certified Instructor Program?

Several things distinguish our program from others. We share our proven formula for success, both as instructors and business people. Graves Golf’s Licensed Instructor Program trains and authorizes golf professionals to teach Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing and the Graves Golf Method – a simpler, more effective way to achieve more consistent and positive results. Additionally, we provide on-going support to help you build your teaching business.


What is Graves Golf looking for in a Certified Instructor candidate?

Candidates must have an acceptable facility to teach; prior professional golf teaching experience is preferred; current golf certifications or college/university equivalent degree will receive greater consideration; and a basic knowledge and understanding of Graves Golf Single Plane Swing.

What are the steps for becoming a Graves Golf Certified Instructor?

  • Fill out the on-line Instructor Application Form.
  • You will be contacted by our Graves Golf Program Director to discuss your qualifications.
  • If accepted into our program, choose an instructor training course to attend.
  • Attend Instructor course.
  • Take Graves Golf Licensed Instructor written test. Retest may be taken.
  • Submit sample video lesson review.
  • Upon successful completion of all the above requirements, you will be notified by our Graves Golf Program Director

Do you have to be in the PGA, LPGA or other golf teaching professional organization?

No, but an equivalent teaching credential is highly desirable. We are seeking the most qualified individuals so an affiliation to an organization such as the PGA or LPGA will certainly be taken into consideration.

Does the Graves Golf Instructor Program qualify for PGA MSR credits?

Yes, successful completion of our 2-day Instructor Program qualifies for 16 hours PGA MSR credits.

How long does the process take for application approval?

Our Program Director will contact you within 3 – 5 business days to review your application and to schedule a follow-up interview if needed.  Within 3 – 5 business days of the follow-up interview you will be notified of acceptance or not.

Will Graves Golf be offering advanced levels of certification?

Our initial focus will be on training Certified Instructors. However, we do anticipate adding several, more advanced instructor levels in the future, giving our certified instructors room to grow.  We will provide more information about the different levels as need arises.

Is there a requirement to purchase any special equipment, materials, training aids or products?

No, but Graves Golf Instructors must have a video system to use with private lessons so video reviews can be sent to students. An instructor training package is provided to each instructor who passes the Certified Program requirements.

What if I don’t pass some area of testing?

We will provide opportunities for those needing to re-test.

When will Certified Instructor’s be listed on the Graves Golf website?

Once all requirements are satisfied, a Certified Instructor will be listed on Graves Golf’s website within 5 business days.

Who do I contact for more information?

Ross Smith, @, SPE School Manager, GGA Certification Program).