About the GGA® Instructor Program

Mission Statement

The Graves Golf Academy (GGA®) is a global golf instruction company with the Single Plane Swing of Moe Norman as its centerpiece. Moe Norman figured out the simplest way to strike a ball using his unique and biomechanically perfect Single Plane Golf Swing. GGA® is leading the way in teaching his Single Plane Swing to golfers around the world. The next step in our mission to reach and assist more golfers is to expand the number of GGA® Instructors. Teaching professionals who complete our GGA® Certified Instructor Program will be uniquely qualified to teach Moe Norman’s simpler, biomechanically superior way to play golf.

About the GGA® Instructor Program

We are currently seeking qualified golf professionals who are interested in teaching the GGA® method  of Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing . The Graves Golf Academy is the exclusive licensor of the Moe Norman Golf Swing, Moe Norman Brand, and possesses the exclusive Right of Publicity. GGA® Certified Instructors are exclusively authorized to teach Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing.

What we are Looking for in a GGA® Certified Instructor Candidate:

  • Have an acceptable facility to teach, including public or private courses, upscale driving ranges, etc.
  • Professional golf teaching experience
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of GGA® Single Plane Swing

Steps for Becoming a GGA® Certified Instructor

  • Review information on GGA Single Plane Instructor Website
  • Complete the on-line Instructor Application Form.
  • You will be contacted by our GGA® Program Director to discuss your application
  • If accepted into our program, choose an instructor training course to attend
  • Attend Instructor course
  • Pass the GGA® Licensed Instructor written test.
  • Submit sample video lesson review
  • Attend / observe a GGA® Premier school (no cost to instructor)
  • Perform a Single Plane Experience school with GGA Master Instructor

If you would like to apply, click here to submit your Certified Instructor Application.

Benefits of Becoming a GGA® Certified Instructor

  • Supplement / Increase your instruction income through teaching GGA Single Plane Experience schools (up to $1,000/day)
  • Supplement / Increase your instruction income through the GGA® affiliate program (unlimited)
  • Become part of a rapidly expanding and highly successful global, golf instruction company
  • Be listed on the GGA® website that receives in excess of 300,000 customer visits per month
  • Learn GGA’s proven methodology for teaching Moe’s Single Plane Swing that guarantees success for your students & your golf teaching business
  • Earn recognition as a GGA® Certified Instructor
  • Gain limited use of the GGA® logo / trademark and Brands
  • Earn 16 hours PGA MSR credits when you complete the GGA® Licensed Instructor Program

GGA® Certified Instructor Requirements

GGA® Certified Instructors must satisfy all requirements of the program, outlined in more detail below. Instructors must also comply with the terms of all agreements and guidelines regarding advertising and use of the GGA® logo / trademark.

Certified Instructor’s must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Single Plane Swing, GGA’s Short Game Fundamentals and GGA’s 7 Principles for Golf Improvement. They must also demonstrate the ability to represent GGA® in a positive manner. Testing and evaluation will be in the form of a written test, an oral presentation and video reviews on both the full swing and short game. Once your application has been approved, prospective GGA® Certified Instructors must:

  • Attend a 2-day Licensed Instructor course
    • Student’s will receive their GGA® Instructor’s Manual on Day One
  • Pass the written test and instructional presentation
  • Submit a video review to GGA® for review / approval
    • GGA® will send a video clip to each candidate for review
    • Students will submit this video review to GGA® for review / approval
  • Candidates will be notified via email with their results
    • Retakes of the written test may be taken on-line or in-person
    • Retakes of the oral presentation may be submitted to GGA® via video
    • Retakes of video review must be submitted to GGA® within 3 months of the school date